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Gives Back

Bringing Hope to Puerto Rico

100+WomenWhoCarePR seeks to make a positive impact within the Puerto Rican Community by establishing a forum in which modest donations by members combine to form a significant pooling of funds.  

Please join us in this effort.
We gather at quarterly meetings to hear three short presentations from nonprofits that have been nominated by individual members . Afterwards, the membership votes and the nonprofit with the most votes is awarded a check for $50 from each of the members, for a collective, impactful donation.  Therefore, the larger the membership, the bigger the pot and the greater the impact!

Winners .... Update



June 8, 2023  LAS MUJERES BARTOLEÑAS - An interior island town with agricultural and community needs. 

February 2023 Hogar Santa Teresa Jornet de Cupey - A home for the elderly.


November 2022 San Juan Community Library

August  2022 OPAPA PR

May 2022 Colegio San Gabriel, Inc para sordos or deaf children 


Feb. 2022 Colegio Nuestra Señora de Perpetuo Socorro 

Nov. 2021 Liga de Estudiantes de Artes de San Juan

Aug. 26 2021: Vivero Lebrona/Buen Paster Community Garden


May 2021 Hogares Rafaela Ybarra 

Feb. 2021 Mujeres de Islas de Culebra

November 2020 Sir Henry Sato Rescue

August 2020 Alimentación Segura Infantil.

May 2020: Hogar Sustituto Rosanna Corp.

Feb. 2020: Assoc Educ. Pro Desarrollo Culebra Inc.

Nov. 2019: Centro Educativo J. Vedruna

Aug. 2019: Hogar del BuenPastor

May 2019 Caras con Causa

Feb. 2019: Padres Redentoristas in Lares


Feb. 2019: CASA

Nov. 2018: Hogar Ruth, Inc.            

 Nominations from members will now be accepted for our next meeting. Charities on the island do not have to be 501(c)(3). There must be a definite need. 

Thank you for participating in the giving circle here on our island. 

See our page on FaceBook.  

Requesting Your Support

You’ll Be Glad You Did!

All of us have the chance to make a change for good in our community. Be assured that your commitment of a check for $50 a quarter pooled with equal amounts from like-minded persons will make a difference in the lives of Puerto Ricans struggling with the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria earthquakes.


Founding Team: Marilyn Stalzer, Kitty Moscoso, M.D. (Lita) Taracido, Kathy Perez

Quarterly Donations to
a Charity in Puerto Rico

If you feel moved by the causes that 100+WomenWhoCarePR wants to promote - worthy charities that need a financial boost to continue helping Puerto Rico rebuild - we would very much appreciate your support.  Join us 4x a year to magnify the impact of single check donations. We will be zooming so pay attention to emails....

Who We Are and What We Do

Lending a Helping Hand

Inspired by a the 2017 IrmaMaria Hurricane devestation on the island 100+WomenWhoCarePR is modeled on affiliates in over 350 needy locations world-wide. Over the years, it has become one of the most trusted and effective charitable foundations, working hard to improve the lives of those in need. 

Four times a year a needy charity will have a chance to receive checks from hopefully 100 persons at the nomination meeting. Zooming during Covid-19.   Membership / commitment and participation inquiry should be sent to (Lita)

Nonprofit nominations should be sent to (Kitty) There are no administration fees nor money handling; individual checks are filled out in the chosen nonprofit's name and will be handed over to the charity.

if you know of a worthy organization  in Puerto Rico needing help please send us contact information about their mission, population and other funding sources so they may compete for this quarterly giving event.

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Vincent Van Gogh

Nominate a Charity

Members can nominate charitable organizations that benefit the Island of Puerto Rico area

Members attend a 1 hour quarterly meeting where three charities are randomly drawn from all submitted, and one is selected by member votes

The August  100Women checks are handed to Alimentacion Segura Infantil director Lourdes Santaballa.  There have been very limited funds since Hurricane Maria in 2017 for breast feeding training at poorer localities on the island.  Women are relearning the advantages. 


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